Voice Production

So many people think they are good speakers - if they only had to listen to themselves, they`d have a different opinion!

Trained by a former teacher from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), Caroline Smart is one of the few voice production teachers in Durban specialising in the proper use and effective deployment of the voice.

"I'm not going to turn you into a "voice beautiful" which loses your own individuality,"she says, "I'll show you how you can use your voice to best advantage in whatever field you choose - whether it be theatre, film, teaching, the ministry, public relations or product promotion! A good control of the voice is also an excellent help in dealing with difficult or hyperactive children."

It is also a proven fact that no lasting progress can be made in any field by being dictatorial, offensive or patronising. The quality of communication is immeasurable and her training is highly valuable to anyone whose voice is a major component of their work.